The curlews are hatching!

First to hatch was Clive, one of four collected from RAF Leeming airfield.

It can take up to three days for curlews to hatch from the first break of the shell to fully emerging from the egg.  Clive was joined by Charles and Curly who hatched not long after him (we say him, but actually we don’t know what sex they are at this stage).  Last to hatch of the Leeming eggs was Camilla, who joined two chicks from Barkston Heath airbase.

All the chicks have been allocated a name this year, beginning with the letter C, as this is the third year the project has been running.  Most names were suggested by the airbases where the eggs were found, or local school children close to the base. We look forward to sharing their journey to the wild. Not all will make it, but we will give them the best chance possible. If hatched in the wild out of 4 eggs, only 0.2 are likely to make it to fledging, which is why their numbers are declining so severely. Headstarted birds have their chances improved to from 0.2 fledging rate to 3.2 birds fledged from 4 eggs! 

Since Clive hatched a few days ago, we have 17 more chicks successfully hatch and hopefully many more to come next week. Meet clutch 5, also from Barkston Heath, they are the boldest so far and couldn’t wait to get running around their brooder.