Our 50th curlew hatches – with an audience!

On the 8th July RAF partners who advise on the environmental protection and RAF safety on airbases across England, came to visit the curlew, along with Richard from Natural England.  Their visit coincided with the hatch of Chutney our 50th curlew and Michael and his team were able to see firsthand what happens to the eggs after they are collected from the airbases and the process of rearing curlew chicks.

The team at Pensthorpe love to share their enthusiasm for curlew and this project, so it was wonderful to connect with partners that we normally only see on a screen, when discussing the project.

Chutney’s sibling, Ceto, hatched the following morning, they hatched from small eggs and so far they have made a nice quiet pair who don’t make much mess. Chutney is a little shyer than Ceto and they can often be spotted snuggling together. The chicks are soon outside, along with others from the project.  To date we have 54 chicks, now all outside and 18 more eggs still being incubated. 

Later on the same day, we had a visit from Sophie, a veterinarian from the Disease Risk and Health Surveillance team at ZSL London, to help give our oldest ten curlews a health check before they moved into a new bigger pen with a pond. They were all in good health and will soon be getting their leg flags from the BTO.