Cyrus hatched out as a healthy chick and spent most of her early days dozing under the heat lamp of her incubator, with her slightly more active friends Chetney (XX) and Chocs Away (YE). Cyrus was part of the tenth clutch of eggs to join Pensthorpe and ended up being the strongest and healthiest bird of her siblings.
Upon release, Cyrus made instant friends with Cassandra (YK), a slightly older bird and both flew to the National Construction College East where they remained for a few days before being joined by Calypso (XH). Cyrus and her friends have gained some confidence in their new surroundings and have begun to explore the area around Stanhoe.

After exploring the coast around Burnham, Cyrus has mostly settled on the marsh near Burnham Overy Staithe with Cassandra.

Cyrus spent most of the winter flying between the marsh around Burnham Deepdale and fields slightly inland. On the 14/4/24 she returned to Overy Marsh where Cassandra still resides.

Originating Airfield: RAF Barkston Heath
Hatching Date: 28/05/2023
Leg Flag: XE
Gender: Female
Release Location: Sandringham
Release Date: 27/07/2023
Current Location: Overy Marsh