Cosmos and her clutch mate Custard (XP) hatched out as weak, floppy chicks but after some TLC she developed into a fantastic, healthy bird. Cosmos had always been a quieter bird who spent more time in the kennel rather than out foraging when she was young. However, once she was old enough to fly, she became more confident and was frequently seen flying around her aviary.
At release, Cosmos was the first bird to fly out into the wild once the doorway was opened. Throughout the days she slowly explored the area close to the pre-release pen and is slowly exploring the wider Ken Hill area and the beach.

Cosmos has continued to be more adventurous than her clutch mate Custard. She spent the majority of August on the coast by Wolferton and has now moved further west towards Terrington.

Originating Airfield: RAF Marham
Hatching Date: 26/5/23
Leg Flag: YH
Gender: Female
Release Location: Ken Hill
Release Date: 27/7/23
Current Location: Terrington