Copernicus was a very dramatic chick who originally found life a little scary, but she has now developed into a large, venturesome curlew. Copernicus was a very vocal young chick who was more wary of new things compared to the other birds but as she grew older she became much more confident and was the first curlew of the year to learn how to fly.
Two days after release Copernicus headed north to the coast via Fring and over the last five days has been exploring the Burnham area. So far Copernicus has travelled the second furthest east along the North Norfolk coast compared to all of the tracked and resighted birds from all three years of the project.

Copernicus has now settled at the marsh at Burnham Deepdale and Scolt Head Island, frequently hopping between the two.

Copernicus continued to spend the winter around the marsh near Burnham Deepdale.

Originating Airfield: RAF Barkston Heath
Hatching Date: 21/5/23
Leg Flag: XJ
Gender: Female
Release Location: Sandringham
Release Date: 27/7/23
Current Location: Burnham Deepdale