Chronos and his clutch mates all hatched from very small eggs and they were all significantly smaller chicks than the other birds. Despite being the largest out of his clutch mates he was still over 22g smaller than the largest chick of the year! Although he was the largest of his clutch mates to begin with, they very quickly outgrew him and he became the little curlew of the group. Despite being very little for a long time he did eventually catch up and developed into a wonderful strong young bird. Perhaps due to his small stature, Chronos was often more nervous than the other chicks and was always the first to run away when people entered the aviary.

Originating Airfield: Barkston Heath
Hatching Date: 22/6/23
Leg Flag: LU
Gender: Male
Release Location: Sandringham
Release Date: 1/9/23
Current Location: Burnham Overy