Chester started out as the smallest chick of three and was slightly overshadowed by her bigger and louder brooder mates. However, Chester quickly grew in size and confidence and became one out most outgoing and greedy curlew chicks! She very quickly worked out where food came from and although she remained wary of people, she made sure she was always ready to dash to the best newest food as soon as we had left.
After staying at Ken Hill for a couple of weeks post release Chester has slowly made her way west along the coast of the wash with stops at Snettisham and Wolferton.

Chester settled at the marsh near Terrington and spent the entire winter foraging and resting there.

Originating Airfield: Topcliffe
Hatching Date: 18/6/23
Leg Flag: LJ
Gender: Female
Release Location: Ken Hill
Release Date: 10/8/23
Current Location: Terrington