As a chick Carswell was full of character. He was a noisy chick, his first reaction to anything whether it was food, people, novel objects or situations was to scream. Carswell was an unusual chick as you could never tell if his scream was from excitement or fear as it always seemed to be a little of both, except if food was involved. Despite his screaming he was a very confident chick and would often be trying to eat the food whilst it was being put into the brooder, and of course screaming at the same time. Carswell eventually decided humans weren’t exciting but that didn’t stop him from eating all the food he wanted and dominating the best spots in his enclosure.
So far Carswell has only explored Ken Hill and the nearby beach. This isn’t entirely surprising as one of Carswell’s main motivations is food, of which there is plenty at Ken Hill. Carswell has also always particularly enjoyed the company of other birds. This has been reflected by him teaming up with Chetney (XX) post release.

Carswell has remained close to Ken Hill and spends his time along the coast between Snettisham and Heacham with Chetney and Custard (XP).

Carswell has continued to spend much of his time amongst flocks with Chetney and Custard, but he also occasionally travels inland in the Shernborne direction.

Originating Airfield: RAF Waddington
Hatching Date: 28/5/23
Leg Flag: YJ
Gender: Male
Release Location: Ken Hill
Release Date: 27/7/23
Current Location: Snettisham