Calypso hatched as part of our fifth clutch of eggs, known affectionately amongst the Avicultural team as ‘the star birds’. Alongside Curie (XT), Crumble (XC) and Cleopatra (XA), these star pupils sailed through all health checks with flying colours, often with Calypso at the helm as the leader of the pack. As a chick, Calypso showed great confidence, with his stomach taking a precedence, often sprinting over to the food bowl as soon as they were being topped up and was released as the heaviest male in his cohort.
Since his release, he has made friends with Cassandra (YK) and Cyrus (XE), all from different clutches. These three have formed a new base close to the release site at the National Construction College East, in Bircham, Newton and frequently fly out to a field near Stanhoe.

Calypso has found his favourite fields where he likes to forage and rest and now splits his time between Scolt Head Island, Burnham Deepdale and a field slightly further inland.

Originating Airfield: RAF Barkston Heath
Hatching Date: 25/05/2023
Leg Flag: XH
Gender: Male
Release Location: Sandringham
Release Date: 27/07/2023
Current Location: Burnham Deepdale