Hatched 22nd June, released Ken Hill on 22nd August 61 days old. She left the release area on 24th August for The Wash, then spent several weeks in a Lincolnshire field south of Holbeach, before flying overnight on the 17th September to Brittany near Roscoff.

Preferring the French climate Astra spent her time around the Ile-de-Batz, although she did enjoy a brief sightseeing trip to the coast near Kebrezellic. 

Astra has returned! Late in the afternoon on the 27th March 2024, she set out along the coast of France to choose her starting point for crossing the channel. At dusk the following day she departed France and only four hours later had landed on the English coast near Hastings. She spent three days traveling up the east coast of England, ending up near the river Humber. She even visited Scarborough, the furthest north one of our headstarted curlews have been reported so far!

On the 14/4/24 she followed the coast back down to the wash and is now exploring the same area she was in before she flew to France! Astra is now of breeding age, so hopefully she is looking for another suitable curlew to pair up with.

Originating Airfield: Waddington
Hatching Date: 22nd June 2022
Leg Flag: 9L
Gender: Female
Release Location: Ken Hill
Release Date: 22nd August 2022
Current Location: Brittany, France