Hatched 27th May, released Sandringham on 20th July at 54 days old. She left the release fields on 25th July and discovered Sculthorpe Airfield, travelled back and forth daily to Burnham Overy, until around 18th September where she remained near the coast at Holkham.

From the end of November, Sylvia began fly back and forth foraging at Sculthorpe and Wells-Next-To-The-Sea. At the end of December location updates stopped being received from her tracker. 

Originating Airfield: Scampton
Hatching Date: 27th May 2022
Leg Flag: 7Y
Gender: Female
Release Location: Sandringham
Release Date: 20th July 2022
Current Location: Burnham Overy

Travelling between Sculthorpe and Burham Overy