Hatched 21st May, released Sandringham on 20th July at 60 days old. One month after release, he headed over RAF Holbeach on an overnight migration to the West Midlands. Following a brief rest, he continued west towards Ireland and out over the Celtic Sea, before thinking better of it and returning to the shores of southeast Ireland near Ballyteige on the 26th of August.

5/8/23 Nemo spent the winter exploring Ballyteigue. In May, Nemo moved a few miles west along the coast and continued to forage in the new location until early July when signals stopped being received from the tracker. 

Originating Airfield: Cranwell
Hatching Date: 21st May 2022
Leg Flag: 6Y
Gender: Male
Release Location: Sandringham
Release Date: 20th July 2022
Current Location: Southern Ireland

Location in Southern Ireland

Location in southern Ireland